Wisła – POLAND.

WISŁA – a location in southern Poland, near to the Czech Republic. For the first time in my life I travelled to Poland, alone and by car. I stayed there for three days to start the new winter season 2017/18 with friends and colleagues at the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Wisła is quite small, but nice – surrounded by beautiful landscape.

Wisła-Malinka Ski Jumping Hill

I’m so happy that the new season finally has started again. It’s always so nice to see the boys again and to share the passion for this sport with so many friends and colleagues at the hills of this world. The Ski Jumping Family is big and in my case growing at every competition, in every year. You always get to know so many new people, who are nice colleagues or become close friends. Meeting them during Ski Jumping days, working and celebrating together is always ending up to be amazing!


Of course I’ve spent most of my time at the hill to work, but also to enjoy the amazing atmosphere at Wisła-Malinka Ski Jumping Hill. When you really love a sport as much as I do with Ski Jumping – in some moments you just forget your work and watch or listen to how all those polish people cheer for their athletes! Seriously, I’m German, but anyway they almost made me cry!

(a video of those amazing Fans you’ll find on my Instagram account: @konsi_schneider)



Also I went for a city walk to explore the village Wisła itself and to finally have a look into a 4f-Store as I really like that polish sports brand.

Overall, there are a view small shops and a pretty nice bakery/café on the main shopping street where you can get the famous ski jumping cake of Wisła (unfortunately I din’t try it yet, but I will definitely do next time). Another great thing was that almost along this whole street and at a few other places on the way to the hill, polish people sold Fan articles for the Ski Jumping events – really crazy.

Looking back to a nice time in Poland, I’m pretty sure that I will go back there – no matter if in summer or winter. Nice place, interesting people, beautiful hill and great atmosphere!

More photos of the Ski Jumping World Cup in my gallery!

Dziękuję Wisła! 

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