This summer I finally implemented one of my plans for years – climbing on the highest mountain of Germany, the ‘Zugspitze’ (2962m). I’m a true mountain lover and have a passion for hiking, so it was a dream since I’m a child.

Together with a good friend, I stayed in Lermoos/Austria for 3 days in August. On our first day we did just a little warm-up tour around the beautiful Bavarian lake ‘Eibsee’ in Germany, enjoying the view to our next day’s goal.

Next day – after getting up at 4:15 am, we started our tour at the valley station ‘Ehrwalder Zugspitzbahn’ (the cable railway to the top of the mountain from the Austrian side) at 5:30 am. We’ve chosen a half hiking – half climbing route (middle difficult), starting with the hiking part from Ehrwald/Austria to the ‘Wiener-Neustädter-Hütte’, a mountain hut situated in the German section of the route. After having a big cup of tea at the hut around 8:30 am we went further to the best part of the route – ‘Stopselzieher-Klettersteig’ which is the climbing part of 700 height meters before finally reaching the top.

Super proud and exhausted after 1700 height meters, we finally reached the highest point of Germany. Amazing feeling and great experience! To all hiking/mountain lovers, I really recommend this tour! I’m pretty sure that I will climb the Zugspitze again, on another route in the future (there are different possibilities from easy to difficult).

Eibsee, Bavaria, Germany
6:30 am – view to Ehrwald Tyrol, Austria
7:30 am
8:00 am – first ‘Tiroler Zugspitzbahn’ of the day
view from the ‘Stopselzieher-Klettersteig’
view from the top to the Eibsee, Germany
Zugspitze summit – 2962m
mountains around Lermoos, Austria
last sunrays at the Zugspitze


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